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Our courses and qualification offers are aimed at students, alumni and scientists from all departments of Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, other universities and non-university research institutes who see self-employment as a professional option, who may want to start a business or who founded less than five years ago. There may be different conditions for start-up advice in the transfer and start-up service.

These colors show the courses that match your situation

Idea phase

I have business ideas and an academic background? Is founding an option for me?

Founding phase

I am in the start-up/founding process and have a university background. What brings my idea to market maturity?

Start-up phase

I founded my business (< five years ago), have a university background but there are still questions with which I need support.


Research to business

I do research or work at a university and would like to use my research results. How do I discover the innovation and start-up potential?

In our courses you will find one of these participation buttons:

Sign up

For most of our courses, we ask for a simple registration in order to be able to estimate the number of participants. After our confirmation, you will be immediately in the course and will receive information if we need additional documents.


Our offers are partly financed through funding programs. Therefore, for some courses it is necessary for you to register with extensive documents. Which ones are will be displayed to you in the respective course.


Some offers depend on your previous qualification or start-up idea. Here you will be asked for a sketch of ideas or other documents before you are invited to participate.


Certain offers - such as consultation hours - can be found without registering with a simple click
at the specified times.


We conduct some courses if there are enough interested parties. Write to us if you want to activate a course.

Partner registration

For offers with external partners or universities, you may be asked to register directly with the executing partner.

These signs tell you from which universities you can participate:



You may participate, no matter at which university or college you study, have studied, do a doctorate or work.



You may participate if you are studying or already finshed your studies, if you are doing a doctorate or working at a university or college in Germany.



You may participate if you are studying or already finished your studies, if you are doing a doctorate or working at a university or college in Saxony-Anhalt.


University Halle

You may participate if you are studying, doing a doctorate or working at Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg.

Do you still have questions?

For further help, please contact

Steffen Ahrens

Startup Consultant and Network Management

Start-up advice, support in the pre-seed funding phase, business model development, financing & funding advice

International Startup Campus

In cooperation with International Startup Campus we support you in building up your company.

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