Demanding founding ideas of students, graduates and researchers often require complex development work, which lies in the period before the actual foundation. Especially in this early phase, prospective founders need support to finance their livelihood and product development in equal measure.
As a registered start-up network for the funding programs of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, we support you in finding the right funding program for you and accompany you in all phases of the application. Below you will find important funding programs, scholarships and idea competitions as well as success stories of founding teams that have received these grants with us.

EXIST-Business Start-up Grant

The EXIST Business Start-up Grant of the BMWK supports teams with a university background who want to turn their start-up idea into a business plan and prepare for the establishment of an innovative knowledge- or technology-based company. To apply an innovative business idea related to preparatory work in studies or research, a competent team  and good commercial prospects of success are required.

Time and money:

  • Fixed project duration: 12 months
  • In addition to scholarships for subsistence, EUR 30,000 in kind and EUR 5,000 for start-up-related coaching are available.


We are happy to advise and accompany you through the entire process of your application and during the project period.

EXIST-Transfer of Research

The BMWi funding program EXIST Transfer of Research is co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) and supports outstanding research-based start-up projects associated with complex and risky development work.

The funding consists of two phases. Funding phase I (before founding) includes development and business work for start-up preparation and is aimed at researchers at universities and non-university research institutions (maximum three scientists and technical assistants) and one person with business competence.

The funding phase II (after the foundation) includes further development work at the start of the company and is aimed at small technology-oriented corporations with a master contribution of at least EUR 25,000 who have previously gone through funding phase I.

Time and money:

  • Phase 1: Personnel costs for the project team and material expenses up to 250,000 EUR for projects of 18 months duration. Particularly demanding and complex projects can be funded with justification up to 36 months and with a higher volume of material resources.
  • Phase 2: Up to 180,000 EUR grant. As a prerequisite for funding, the company must present its own resources and, if necessary, equity capital in a ratio of 1:3 to the promotion. In principle, funding phase II should not exceed a period of 18 months.

We are happy to advise and accompany you through the entire process of your application and during the project period.

Feel free to contact me for further advice

Steffen Ahrens

Startup Consultant and Network Management

Start-up advice, support in the pre-seed funding phase, business model development, financing & funding advice

Good Practices

 Get to know startup teams that have benefited from a startup scholarships or funding programs accompanied by us

EXIST-Business Start-up Grant

donity UG

Donity UG (limited liability) combines AI and psychology in order to create a digital assistant that filters out the most important daily tasks for every team member in the work context.
The algorithm prioritizes, plans dynamically and also keeps an eye on working hours and workload. The software is available for iOS, Android and on the computer.

The startup received the EXIST Business Start-up Grant in the period from March 2019 to February 2020 and was thus able to further develop the app and algorithm, prepare for market entry and win the first customers.

The team currently consists of Lennard and Sascha. Professional mentors at the MLU were Prof. Dr. Renate Rau and Dr. Johannes Hoppe from the Institute of Psychology.

ego.- Gründungstransfer

Hülsenreich GmbH

Hülsenreich is a start-up that develops nutritious snacks from legumes and thus creates a healthy variant to conventional chips. In the period 01.01.2018 to 30.07.2019, the then early phased project received the funding program ego.- Start-up Transfer at the Institute of Human Nutrition of the MLU. The supervision as a professional mentor has Prof. Dr. Gabriele Stangl.

Subsequently, the team consisting of Emilie Wegner, Simon Voigt and Gunnar Schulze also received the scholarship ego.-Start. Today Hülsenreich is based in Leipzig as a successful start-up in the legal form of a GmbH.


Ectoplastic UG

Ectoplastic is a company for experimental audiovisual applications. One focus is the development of interactive audio environments, VR & Game Audio, visual and sound design as well as AV performances.

The two founders Stephan Kloss and Jakob Gruhl received the start-up scholarship ego.-START for the innovative project in the period October 2016 to March 2018. The application was supervised by us and we supported the team in setting up the company during the funding period. The founders are graduates of Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule and HTWK Leipzig.



The biopharmaceutical company develops innovative vaccine solutions to protect animals from infectious diseases. The key to this is a patented, widely applicable technology for the production of innovative yeast-based vaccines. VEROVACCiNES GmbH, founded in 2017, emerged as a spin-off company from many years of research work at MLU. The start-up preparations in the university were funded by the founding offensive Biotechnology (GO-Bio) of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

VEROVACCiNES GmbH was founded by the MLU Professor of Biochemistry and Virology, Dr. Sven-Erik Behrens, the molecular biologist and entrepreneur Dr. Hanjo Hennemann and the veterinarian Dr. Martina Behrens.


A.MUSE - Interactive Design Studio

A.MUSE is a creative studio for extraordinary mixed reality experiences between art, design and technology with a social start-up mentality. The vision of the two founders: "Design for Happiness - We want to connect people and make them happy with playful, inspiring and informative experiences!" In times of digital change, they build bridges between the physical and digital worlds, between people and technology - and show with artistic means how a connection and approximation of both worlds can be playfully successful. Interactive worlds of experience are created that are used in museum exhibitions, shows and events, to marketing and educational campaigns and show surprising illusions.

In the period November 2019 to June 2021, A.MUSE was supported by the Saxony-Anhalt DIGITAL CREATIVITY program for the development of its own music app with augmented reality function for children, parents and educators. In combination with an analog song card set, the project strengthens the language development, empathy and cosmopolitanism of our society.

The founders Christin Marczinzik and Frm. Prof. Binh Minh Herbst (born Thi Binh Minh Nguyen) were awarded "Cultural and Creative Pilots Germany" by the Federal Government in 2019 for their entrepreneurial personality as one of the 32 most creative companies in Germany. They are based in the Designhaus Halle.

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